2018-2023 Tacoma Compatible Honeycomb Grille 18tac123


2018-2023 Tacoma Compatible Honey Comb Grille Insert.  Our best seller!

This grille is constructed out of 1/8" Thick 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum which makes it lightweight + strong + corrosion resistant.  These units are Powder-coated UV Stable Matte Black. Completely bolt in with absolutely no modifications necessary.  Laser cut and CNC bent to give you the Absolutely Perfect fit. The TSS sensor is also adjustable if you installed a lift kit.

-Please use the drop-down menu if you have a front-facing camera.

2018+ Collision Avoidance System/ Disclaimer -When installing a custom grille you are moving the location of the factory Collision Avoidance System Sensor. You should not drive without having the sensor recalibrated by your local dealership if you have an error code.