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2018-2019 3rd Gen Tacoma Grille Insert TSS Ready

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As many of you new lucky 2018-2019 Tacoma Owners just found out there is a Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) sensor located behind your Toyota emblem in the grille.  DO NOT WORRY if you think our grille will work with the sensor!  We were ahead of the game in late 2017 Trying to figure out how we can supply a top of the line grille with this new added feature.

After many visits and troubleshooting with our local Toyota Dealership we finally made it work!  It is kind of hilarious how 3 other grille makers copied our design after we released our design.  

But, here is a (rights protected) feature that makes our design different than our (copycatters)...We made ours ADJUSTABLE!  

You see, if the truck is lifted, it'll throw off the whole geometry of this sensor.  By making it adjustable and avoiding an expensive trip to the dealer, you adjust it yourself...Your WELCOME!